Comprehensive Initial Assessment and Interview

Your first visit with the doctor will involve a comprehensive assessment focused on collecting relevant information about your case and needs. Traditionally, as an example, the initial history inquiry will cover questions related to personal habits, past medical and family history, and medication usage.

Psychotherapy and Supportive Counseling

Nearly always, psychiatric symptoms and emotional suffering can be alleviated much sooner when treatment is combined with a form of counseling or talk therapy. 

We will make great efforts to provide a well-paced session that effectively balances medication and medical management with the psychological underpinnings of your situation.

Medical and Medication Management

Often, patients arrive at our clinic with an established counseling relationship but need further assistance with medications or other prevailing physical aspects of their condition. As board certified clinicians with ample experience in managing medical or physical conditions, we will always place special attention on incorporating the best medical practices to their unique diagnoses.

Miscellaneous Services

  •  Home visits may be provided under special circumstances for individuals with certain conditions such as limited mobility due to dementia syndromes or other ailments . Please contact us to learn more.  
  • Telemedicine Services may be provided to established patients on their follow-up visits, after a case by case review.